How It Works

How to pull parts  

$1.50 Entrance Fee 

Pay an entrance fee of $1.50 per person. You must be 18 or older to enter the yard


Bring your own tools. 

Bring your own tools! A wheelbarrow and an engine hoist are available free of charge, however no other tools are provided.


No power outlets 

No other outlets are available, so bring hand, or battery operated tools. You can also bring a gas powered air compressor or generator for your corded tools; however we don't allow grinding tools that create sparks.


Each part price individually 

Many parts (brake assemblies, axles,etc.) have multiple attached components that must be paid for individually, so pull only the part that you need.


Bring WD-40 

A lubricating spray such as WD-40 or PB Penetrating Blast can be helpful in loosening the parts.


Bring a friend. 

Bring a friend if you plan to pull any large part.


Call to check for parts 

Call us today to confirm that we have your part or another part that may work for you.Similar vehicles often share the same parts so we can help you find the part(s) you need.


Wear proper attire 

Wear old and tough clothing that you won't mind getting dirty.


Act quickly 

The cars on our lots stay for a limited time. If you something you need, act quickly!

Our Process

The recycling process at U-Pull 'N Save begins with arrival of new vehicle that is entered into our state-of-the-art computer system which assigns a record number for the vehicle. The car is labled with a bar code stickers and other identifying marks so it can be tracked. We begin our environment friendly dismantling process by emptying the vehicle of any trash. Some items are collected to resale to our customers. We remove and recycle fluids and hazardous materials. Batteries are removed,tested and resold or recycled. We also remove ary mercury swtiches used in engine compartmente and trunk to prevent toxic chemicals from entering our air and waterways. The final step in the process to crush the remaining vehicle hulk after it has spent some time in our yard. We take all of our crushed vehicles to metal shredders at our parent company CMC Recycling

Return Policy

Purchasing parts at U Pull 'N Save is worry-free due to our 30 day return/exchange policy on most parts. If a part breaks or doesn't fit, bring it back or pull another part or receive a store credit, valid for 180 days from issue date. All returns or exchanges must be accompanied by a receipt and a propery marked part. All tire sales are final.

Cores:Use or return your old,worn out,used parts to receive credit on your parts purchase. Cores returned within 30 days are refunded with the original payment option. For example, if cash was paid during the purchase,cash will be given for the refund. Bring your old part with you at a time of purchase and don't pay a core charge. All cores and returns must be drained before returning.